TruSculpt is a non-invasive technology used primarily for body sculpting and fat reduction. The body sculpting is achieved using a handheld device which sends RF energy (Radio Frequency) below the skin’s surface, in order to heat the subdermal fat cells, causing them to die and be expelled as waste products. TruSculpt is generally a painless procedure which requires little to no downtime, it can be used on multiple body parts, most commonly the stomach, thighs, and the neck area.

Are You the Right Candidate for TruSculpt?
During your consult with Najia and her staff we will help determine your candidacy for the TruSculpt body toning device. The best candidates are those with excess, hanging, adipose fat tissue that can easily be removed through the use of RF energy to heat the skin, and any sub-dermal fat cells. Those who don’t have much hanging fat tissue, will not respond as well to the TruSculpt system. Despite this, the best candidates generally have a BMI (Body Mas index) of less than 30.
During your consult if you suffer from or are in need of any of the following, it may be best to wait for another time to receive the TruSculpt procedure.

  • Women who may be pregnant.
  • Men or Women who have an internal defibrillator or a cardiac pacemaker installed.
  • Men or Women who may have a tumor (benign or malignant) anywhere near the treatment area.
  • Men or Women who may have any type of metal implant (includes metal joint replacements) near the treatment area.

About the Procedure
The TruSculpt procedure is a non-invasive procedure, relatively pain-free procedure! Patients rarely feel any pain at all, nor do they have any major side effects or downtime. Occasionally certain patients may experience light redness, but this is generally rare.

Considering the procedure is relatively pain-free, patients will not need any type of anesthesia, pain medication or any type of cooling gels.
The treatment itself takes anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour depending upon the size as well as the location of the treatment area. The procedure simply requires direct contact with the RF energy handpiece; with each pulse lasting about 4 minutes.

Depending upon the needed correction most patients will only need 1-3 sessions of TruSculpting, however if you are pleased and would like to get more to continue your results, that is fine. Patients are advised to wait approximately 4-6 weeks in between procedures on the same area of the body.

Many patients begin seeing results immediately following their first treatment of TruSculpting, however, results are more commonly seen anywhere from 4 weeks to 3 months following your procedure. You will slowly notice the reduction in fat cells to the treatment area at any time during that time, or possibly even later.

For more information on TruSculpt or to book your next appointment, feel free to contact us immediately!