Services provided at Najia's Skin & Laser




Permanent hair reduction all areas of the body can be treated, except around the eyes. Please note, do not wax or tweeze at least 4 weeks before your hair removal appointment.

*Prices upon Free Consultation*



(Photo facials)
Our pulsed light system offers comfortable and effective photo facials for the treatment of sun damage and visible capillaries. The Machine uses pulses of concentrated light to clear: Sun Damage, wide areas of pigmentation on the face, chest and arms.

Rosacea: General inflammation of the cheeks and face

Prices varies from $200-350


Laser skin tightening: a laser is used to heat the collagen under the surface of the skin, causing the collagen to expand and the skin to appear tighter. Laser skin tightening helps patients to look and feel younger by stimulating collagen regeneration under the surface of the skin.

Full Face - $300  Middle Brow area - $100
Face/Neck - $375  Neck - $200