Cutera Excel V Laser

The Cutera Excel V laser is an extremely effective treatment that works for both men and women of ALL skin tones! This laser is specialized in the treatment of a number of veins (spider veins, varicose veins), lesions (benign, pigmented), and in the resurfacing of sun-damaged or hyperpigmented skin.

What is the Excel V Laser?
The Cutera Excel V laser is one of the most advanced lasers on the market today. It combines a unique design, with a far longer wavelength, than most lasers. The Excel V safely and effectively treats a broad range of blood vessels, all the way from tiny spider veins to deep blue reticular veins. It does this faster, more effectively and more efficiently than previous lasers. Those patients with dark, light, or tanned skincan experience the same wonderful results!

How Does it Work?
The Cutera Excel V laser works by delivering high-energy pulses of light energy, which cause the blood within the veins to coagulate and eventually destroy the blood vessel. This blood vessel is eventually reabsorbed back into your body, and blood flow will then be redirected to the veins deep below the skin’s surface, where they belong. Not at the skin’s surface, where these veins become visible to others.

How Does the Excel V Laser differ from other Vein Treatments, like Sclerotherapy?
Depending upon the size, shape, and color of the blood vessels involved different methods may be more beneficial for vein removal. The Excel V, unlike Sclerotherapy, uses laser energy to cause the vein to cease function and become reabsorbed back into the body.

How Does the Excel V feel? Is it painful?
The Cutera Excel V laser is relatively pain-free, and most patients can barely feel a thing. Some may describe it as a light stinging while others describe it as being similar to the snap of a rubber band. In order to minimize any possible discomfort, the Excel V uses a proprietary cooling mechanism, that will alleviate what minor pain there may be.

About the Cutera Excel V Laser Treatment
The Cutera Excel V laser treatment is relatively quick, depending upon the size as well as where the treatment area is. Depending upon where it is located the Excel V treatment may only take 15-20 minutes, to reduce even the largest of corrective areas. For those patiwents who may require additional correction, the procedure may tale upwards of 40miutes to an hour, however this again, is rare.

Most patients generally see great results following their first session, and will often experience significant improvement over the next 3=6 weeks. However, patients are asked to be patient, depending upon the need of correction, full results may not be visible until a few months following the procedure!

Side Effects or Downtime?
One of the best things about the Cutera Excel V laser is that there is almost no downtime or associated side effects at all. Some patients may experience minor redness, swelling, and light bruising, but again, these are often rare and generally disappear after a few hours. Most people are 100% back to their daily activities within 24-48 hours of their procedure.

After treatment patients are warned to avoid wearing tight compression stockings for up to 48 hours following the procedure, as well as avoiding strenuous physical activity that may pump a lot of blood to the lower extremities. If you have any other questions regarding the Cutera Excel V Laser or would like to schedule your next appointment, feel free to contact us immediately!